Love In An Elevator

The young Vice President of Operations is supposed to make sure the business is run on the up and up. Other VPs get to focus on specifics. The VP of Technology gets to focus on computers; the VP of Finance on the bottom line; the VP of Marketing on growing the business.

Him? Nope. Operations means you have to fucking run all of the managers across the board and their subordinates, and basically make sure everyone in the building is doing their job and following the rules.

And this new girl in accounting seems to completely ignore all dress code policy. She is kinda hard to miss too.

She has been warned twice verbally, and he’d fucking fire her but she is easily the best accountant in the entire firm and she is still new. All the best accounts are in her hands and the company is making money hand over fist having her there. Plus she has upper management potential written all over her if she’d just put her tits back inside her shirt.

And the truth is, which he will never admit to others, he loves seeing her sexy body on display even if it’s technically his job to make sure she’s covered up.

He was about to have a real conversation with her about her covering up when he fucking went and exposed himself to getting an HR write-up himself. Probably worse. Probably fired.

He had been texting back and forth with her to make sure she had the correct budget in before the end of the fiscal year when his girlfriend texted him “What do you want to do for dinner?

He replied to his girlfriend: “I want to grab you by the fucking hair, finger you until you collapse, make you taste my wet fingers, eat your soppy wet pussy, tongue your tight little butt, and then hatefuck you with my hands around your neck until you cum a few times. How does that sound to you?”

He hit send.

Then realized his new accountant was the one on the other end of the X-rated text message.

He immediately frantically started texting her back. “Ignore that. That was meant for my girlfr…”

Before he could send the follow up a reply came in.

“LMFAO….I assume that wasn’t for me. Lucky girl, btw. And to answer your question, it sounds kinda fucking perfect.”

The next day they were in the same elevator together. And of course, as irony would have it, his girlfriend sent him a text just saying hello, as she tends to do.

The accountant looked over and giggled at the sound of the iPhone chirp. He felt like a total asshole because he knew exactly what the accountant was thinking.

His mind was racing: “I feel like a dick. And besides, what the fuck? Her tits are all out again. I swear to God what I am going to do? Especially now that she has dirt on me. I look like an asshole letting her break the rules. Fuck!”

Just ignoring what is going on. Every guy in the elevator is acting like they don’t see this sexy woman dressed like a fucking classy stripper. Every one of them is thinking what a pushover the VP of Ops is.

Fucking boiling inside now.

“Fuck this”, he thinks.

“This little cunt is gonna get an executive punishment. If I am gonna get fired, at least I will have sacked up and gone after what I wanted.”

As everyone exited, he told her, “wait here, I need to talk to you.”

Then he extended his right hand and pushed “Door Hold”, stopping the elevator.

Grabbing her by the waist, he slammed her face first up against the stainless steel wall and showed her why he is a fucking alpha and the youngest executive in the entire company.

He takes what he wants.

And what he wants right now involves her orgasms and willpower. He wants to make her feel subdued every step of the way.

“I am the fucking boss, bitch, and you will come to understand that very soon”, he thinks to himself.

Immediately ripping her skirt down, she is loving every second that the man she masturbates to every night is eating her ass.

Eating her ass. Eating her pussy. All from the back as he enjoys the vision of her picturesque body and the moans in her voice.

Fingers driving deep inside her, first inside her wet pussy and his fingertips dance on her G spot and within minutes she cums and he cannot help but lick up all her wetness as it begins to travel down her inner thighs.

A finger, then two, in his mouth, then right up inside her asshole and he begins stretching her virgin ass. When his fingers are not up inside her his tongue is licking that pink little balloon knot and he can see goosebumps on every part of her body.

She is a vocal one too. Somebody just outside the elevator doors is definitely going to hear if they walk by.

“Fuck it,” he thinks.

Standing up, he stares right into her face and tells her “now you are going to suck my cock. Better than you have ever sucked a cock. Ever. Consider it as a way to keep your job, you little slut.”

“You are going to slobber on it. You are going to gag on it. You will not be able to breathe at times.”

She finally spoke: “Daddy. Boss, I mean. My little mouth is your fuckhole. Use me. Use me good. Use my fuckhole.”

A slap across her face and they were off.

His thick hard cock right into her drooling mouth like she was starving for a meal. Throatfucking her immediately, she took his cock as deep and hard as she could handle.

Then the beautiful sounds of a gagging woman came.

He stared down at her. She looked right up at him.

As he fucked her little face.

Then the knocking came from people outside the elevator. “Is anyone in there? Are you stuck? Don’t worry, we will have it open soon.”

They didn’t say anything. Then he told her “You better fucking make me cum soon, Kitten. Because if you don’t, I am going to really punish you.”

“Come on slut, show me what you are made out of.”

“Daddy. I mean, Boss. I am going to blow your fucking mind now.”

And she did. Stroking the shaft and squeezing it tight and firm while keeping the tip as sensitive as fuck while inside her mouth.

And then it happened. All over her face. All over her whore blouse.

As he cleaned up, and the doors opened. He texted her “Good girl. In an hour, meet me in my office. I am going to make you cum over and over right on my desk. I am going to fuck every one of your holes. Over and over.“ He hit send.

This time, the accountant looked down at her phone, smiled, and replied “Yes Daddy. I mean, Boss.”

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.