Safe Haven

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

“Your heart and mind will find a safe haven in me, but I cannot say the same thing for your body.”

As I spoke these words aloud, I saw a change in you that bewildered me. Half-expecting a recoil, but what I received in return was a giggle, followed quickly by a smile, then the most beautiful full and warm, happy eyes.

Swarming your mind and soul with care for the woman behind it all, diving as deep into you as I possibly can — this is how I separate myself from every man who came before me.

This alone, is how I am different from the rest.

Other people might feed you good sex and orgasms; other men might make you laugh and smile. But nobody will consume every part of who you are, whole, quite like I will. Nobody will ache for the real you, quite like me.

“I want all of you,” I said.

I want to sink into your deepest thoughts, burrow myself inside of them, and I want to establish residency there. What you were afraid to give before every other time — that right there is what I am after.

There will be no half-assing it when I start down this path. When I dig in, I find no peace in impartial; I find no solace with reserved. I abhor indifference and I will only be satiated by complete and total submission of every part of who you are. I want it all and I want it unfiltered.

“You’ve given reserved to someone else; I’ll be damned if I am not different.”

When I take a run at you, I give all of me until there’s nothing left to give, and I will settle for nothing less in return. I’ll take the deepest version that exists within you and you can rest assured that I’ll hold and cradle you with the care of a newborn when I do.

But don’t make the foolish mistake of thinking my soft side for your heart translates into weakness when I have your body.

Don’t be naive to believe my passion does not manifest as fire and brimstone at the moment I smell your scent. As your hair glides across my fingertips, I am boiling inside to ravage you and I can hardly contain myself.

For when you are in my presence, I am going to clutch your cunt with my hand with a force to send a message down your spine, then wrestle you to the ground so I can expose the pent up energy that has been building inside of me, notching upward tick by tick every time you call me Daddy.

Every time you tell me how wet you are; every time you remind me you rubbed your kitty and imagined me. Each and every word you speak is building up inside of me, reaching critical mass when I finally feel your feminine presence. My full force as a man, now coming into fruition. When I finally grab you, you will feel the full weight of human passion bottled up in the rawest form known to man. I would rather die than be forgotten.

This is when I make my mark.

Hands all over you, mouth squarely encompassing your clit as I rip from your body one orgasm after another and stare up into your wrecked soul, completely at peace with the devastation I am causing you. You G dances for me and you shudder and shake while squirming across the bed, almost like you are trying to escape me, but I’ll never let that happen.

My arms pull you in so I can eat your pussy some more, dripping wet now and running down my beard. In full beast mode now, I am like a rabid wolf, with no signs of letting up and you weak and feeble body is just falling apart right before my very eyes.

I need your holes and I need them now.

I take each one. First, your mouth and I see the happy eyes come back as the sounds of gagging become as peaceful as a church choir to my ears. Your perfect kitty next, pounding away, taking a mental note as that first thrust brings that first special moan, and then your ass. Your ass, hearing you embrace the pain that is coming that will eventually lead to bliss.

I want all of you. In every form. There is no halfway with me.