I grit my teeth; my nostrils flare.

The muscles in my jaw become as hard as the bone beneath it and my eyes never blink. It is in these moments I embrace all that is masculine about myself. The hair on my chest I thank God for; the depth in my voice, I somehow value more.

The hardness forming between my legs sends a signal to my mind, almost as if it is a seal of approval to accept my inner hunter; to become, the caveman.

In this mode — I am pure Id.

I allow the devil on my shoulder take the steering wheel, as instinctual cognitive function drives every action I have. Raw, Y-chromosome-esque, get-the-fuck-over-here-type passion.

Sliding my hand down between your legs, the palm of my hand goes right over your cunt, and I squeeze with no regard for your pain threshold as I do it. Demanding the pussy I own, I extinguish whatever boyhood innocence was still left in me, staking my claim as a man.

Gripping you — squeezing you — clutching at what I once thought delicate, I now know better, so I make you squirm not only from the feel of my strength but the mere thought of seeing that my body language is not in the mood for asking nicely.

You get soaked knowing that in all your years, you’ve never seen a man crawling out of his skin in a primal state the way I do when I take your body.

But I know that your pussy can take a beating, for I’ve beat it to hell before. I’ve left you walking strangely for a week, forcing you to remember my virility with each step you take, each trip to the bathroom, each time you move — I move with you.

Three fingers forced inside your dripping wetness just so I can stretch your pussy and then stuff your liquid lust for me right into your mouth. Like a good girl, you ask for more with your eyes. You tell me “Please Daddy, do it again” through your smile, hoping to suck your own salt off of my fingers a few more times and remind me what good bad girl you are.

So suck these fingers clean. Put your own inside yourself right now as you read this.

Soon they will be inside you again. Soon, My Love.

Now suck them.