The Power I Gain

With My Face Between Your Legs

Credit: PxHere

Right about now, I am in a state of mind that is somewhat dangerous.

It’s those moments when I dive deep, metaphorically-speaking, right in between your feminine legs and grip at the visceral feeling of power that I exult over you when I bring my fucking A-Game.

The power I rejoice in, at the moment when I am eating your pussy.

It is when I am down on my knees, staring up into the fatigued face of overwhelmed bliss, as my aspirations squeeze the fight right out of your ability to resist me, falling apart in front of me while I do what I do best.

You see, I was not always this man.

When I was 21, I had a friend with benefits and I recall feeling inferior back in those days in this area. I recall not knowing the approach. Not knowing, what the next step was, or even the first step.

But now is not then.

No – now, Miss Reader, I am downright fucking criminal.

I own you and make you dance for me under my dominion. My skillset is should be taught in classes, or possibly outlawed – I cannot figure out which one – but it’s just wrong the power I wield after you’ve spread your legs for me. No matter how hard and how bad you want to convince yourself that you “need to be in the right headspace to orgasm,” because for every other man that you’ve known his touch, it is true.

However adamant you are in convincing yourself of this notion, and no matter how hard you want to believe it, you have never met a mouth and fingers like mine, cupcake. And your goals to maintain composure are seen as a fucking joke in my eyes.

So spread those legs and let me rewrite history for you, princess. Because I have been here before, more times than I can count, and there is one thing that is for certain that I know well – I am batting 1000.

When you sit down, lean back, and you spread them for me, you should be afraid of what is about to happen next. You really should be, because you will be a changed woman in almost no time at all. You will be changed – because you will come to expect this again elsewhere and be disappointed. Then you will just come to ‘hope’, giving up on expecting, and you will be disappointed again. You will be changed – because you will ache for me, and that power you held onto so firmly before is now secure in my back pocket.

Your legs – lifted just under the knees and pressed skyward.

My mouth – getting in position for war.

My tongue – firmly abutted right up against your clit, and my upper lips locking it in position, like a wall, all so that I may relentlessly beat your little pink bean into submission.

Left hand spreading your lips to gain unfiltered access, and my spit to make your viscosity feel like a soothing repetitive drumbeat of passion is being shot right into your body through a dime-sized diameter of nerve endings.

Good fucking luck fighting this feeling now.

You are mine and we both know it now.

You made the mistake of convincing yourself that you had some semblance of control over your own body, but then you were foolish enough to give it to me, right after I fuckin’ told you that this was going to happen.

Silly girl.

You led yourself to think that you controlled some part of this and when the first wave of orgasms make you curl up into a ball, that is when I grin inside. That is when I force your legs to stay open with my forearms, and double-down like I just got dealt two face cards.

Hit me, motherfucker.

The next wave of orgasms send you into another fit and you break again for me, wishing you had some power over the situation. But you are weakening in each moment and I might as well just kick my feet up, cross my legs, and put my hands behind my head because a certain little lady is just done for.

I might as well tie strings to your wrists now and make you dance for me because you don’t have shit in terms of control, and we both know it. Right when you think “maybe, just maybe, you have some control”, two thick fingers slide right inside you and say ‘come here’ to your G-spot, while my motor of a mouth pelts you like Midwest hailstorm.

Do you think my writing is good, cupcake? This isn’t shit. You have no fucking idea how wicked I am when you are on your back and my ambition is focused on making you squirm for me.

You are pathetically beautiful right now, crumbling right in front of me, and I just adore everything thing about you and the state you are in.

So just curl up, baby girl, and finally, release yourself to me.

Do yourself a favor and drop the need for a sense of power for a moment. Submit yourself to me, run with it, let go, and let me make my stamp on you. Because I have so many more tricks up my sleeve and it’s just a matter of time before I use them all. Your resistance is just feeding me, and you don’t even realize it.

Fuck, I haven’t even fed you my cock yet and you are already aching for a nap.

Yeah, little lady. When I eat pussy, it’s kinda like that.