When I First…Entered You

Photo Credit: Max Pixel

Staring into your beautiful eyes as I entered you, something happened to me that had never happened before. Something that in all my years, felt akin to losing my virginity. Something greater though.

I was whole, for the very first time in my life.

I was one with you, in a way we longed for in what must have been an eternity, yet the fantasy in my mind was nothing compared to the experience of being one with you.

I felt every feeling as I slid myself into you, in the physical and emotional sense.

We were two light strands being attached, electrified and illuminated once we were connected.

If I could have stayed inside you forever, I would not be typing this right now. I’d live there and I’d die there, and stories would be written about me for living the most complete life of any human to ever live in this world. I would have lived my life just how I hoped for.

We never fucked; I made Love to you. And the pace at which the physical took place had nothing to do with it.

From the moment I knew I’d be here, all the rough sex concepts went out the window.

I didn’t care how; I just needed to be inside you.

You were and are the most amazing woman I have ever known. I can write all the words in the world but I’d never come close to invoking the feelings of being one with you. Nothing I’ve known ever felt more right in my life.

Everything that took place became a memory I’d rather die than lose. I was Christopher Reeves in Somewhere In Time, grasping for the presence of you immediately upon leaving your body.

Watching you orgasm and knowing I brought these about in you was my promise to you, but it never was about that for you or me. It was about being one.

I was about Love.

I Love You. My God, how I fucking love you.

Forever Yours,