I’m not sure what it is, but I think I’m not normal, in a positive way at least in this circumstance.

I am certain however that I’m abnormal in negative ways too — so don’t think I am deluded or anything. I guess we all are if being transparent.

But I am being candid, there really is something inside of me that doesn’t quit — can’t quit — won’t stop — until I see you thoroughly wiped out.




All because of me — and what I was able to do to you. What an egomaniac I have become. When I finally have you in my arms, Kitten, I am unhinged and I just cannot control myself.

The words I write, I think just help keep my motor idling and warm so when you are actually with me, I hit the gas pedal and just run you over.

You know this feeling very well, don’t you?

Yeah, I’m talking to you, baby.

Just seeing you makes me ignite. I say it makes me weak, but in all honesty, it gives me strength. Once that happens — once I ignite — something clicks inside of me and I will stop at nothing to bring you to a boil. My vindication is realized as I see you writhe and flip around, with my fingers slide deep inside you, already knowing ahead of time exaaactly what I will do to you.

Index fingertip on your G-spot; middle fingertip at your cervix; mouth on your clit — and work this magic like a fucking Vegas showman. You buckle and pull yourself together just enough to look down a couple times as you see my hazel eyes while you crack under the pressure.

You just can’t resist it. You fall apart and cum relentlessly and each orgasm that floods you somehow adds fuel to my fire.

I want to say it’s all for you — because I love you — which I do, immensely. I really, really do, tremendously.

But if I am being totally honest, part of it is for me. So I can look myself in the mirror and know that although I may have flaws in life, this sure the fuck ain’t one of them. I am owning you, claiming you, making you ache for me in my absence, and reminding you what you should be feeling every day.

My plan has been forming for weeks. I knew exaaactly what was going to happen before your Tom Ford Orchid Soliel ever sunk my stomach. You had no idea and you are so outgunned it is not even fair. I am ambitious when it comes to eating your pussy, fucking you, and making you cum, and by God, I know what the fuck I am doing.

I pull my cock out and tap tap tap right on your aching lips and clit that just came over and over again. I tease you — not to be mean — but to make you want me even more. I shove my cock deep inside you in the first thrust — not because it feels good for me — but because I know, my Kitten needs to feel full.

You think you have found a safe haven until my hand slides down your torso and finds that clit again. I see it that fear in your eyes — that worry — that “oh shit he is doing that too”. I see it, when I pull my fingers up to my mouth and spit on them, and at that moment, you know I have plans to fuck you and play with your clit at the same time.

I told you — I want you cumming.

I want it — in spades.

I want you — wrecked.