The Realm of Research

So I’m about to tell you that I too have been involved in research before, and you might be starting to wonder what this blog is all really about…

I have spent 2 years working in a psychology research clinic that focuses on children with difficult behaviours. So yes, I have had experience in the field of research, and no, I’m not completely new at this. BUT, in fact, I am.

This internship involves me taking the reigns and me writing up the research, so, being right at the start of my semester, I’m asking myself: do I like research?? My other internship is working with children — one of my passions — and it’s not me doing the writing of research papers and presenting the findings. I’m normally the one behind the scenes entering data, keeping all the lab members informed and organising administrative things for them so that everything runs smoothly. I’ve never had to ask myself if I liked research, because I didn’t feel like I was actually the one doing that part of it.

In my head research is for those curious and driven about a particular issue so much so that they are willing to go through the careful designing of an experiment so that it’s not bias, the paperwork for grants to convince people to give them the money to fund it, and then what seems to be the horribly endless process of writing up the research, and then having to re-write it after peer-review. I know so many Honours, Masters and PhD students who say that what they do is so stressful and so time-consuming that they often don’t even get enough sleep. None of this sounds very good to me…I know how awful I am when I don’t get enough sleep!!

But, what if there is something about which I’m curious and driven? Something that I think can be done better and motivates me to research what can be done? Well then maybe. Maybe it’s for me. There must be some reason why all these researchers continue researching after all, I mean, we know it’s not for the money.

So many questions…so many possibilities for the future…it all comes down to I don’t know what I want to do.

The UPside?

I don’t need to know what I want to do yet! And this research internship might even give me a little hint as to whether or not what I want to do involves research. After all, my research is about expectations…maybe I can change my own about research.

I’ll just stop asking stressful and unnecessary questions, stop procrastinating and start writing the background section of my proposal.

Until next time,