Best Earbuds Under 50

David Trenmar
Oct 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Whether you call them earphones, earbuds or in-ear headphones we are talking about the most convenient ways to stay connected with your music wherever you may go.

They are available in wired, wireless and true wireless presentations.

what are the best earbuds for under 50?
what are the best earbuds for under 50?

They are also available just about everywhere from gas stations to international airports.

But, just because you are buying at a convenience store rather than your favourite electronic outlet doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality for convenience.

Instead, make sure you are always purchasing from the most reputable manufacturers including SHURE, Nuforce, 1MORE and RHA.

Then there are some really big brand that deserve your examination.

Apple is spreading the word about their forthcoming Apple AirPods2 release in 2020.

These and other big names greatly increase the options available to the modern audiophile.

This has led to competition arising for which manufacturer can produce the most comfortable feel even after prolonged sessions of use.

Newer models on the market also include wireless, true wireless (READ: Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50 and Best Bass Earbuds under 50) and full support for Hi-Res audio codecs like aptX HD and LDAC.

You won’t find any of the discount bin options in our list of most desirable earbuds, but you can be assured that what you will see is nothing less than the crème-de-le-crème of earbud sophistication and technology.

Not only will these outperform any other earbud on the list but their quality and impeccable clarity will endure.

Be sure to come back and check this list in the future as we will always keep it updated with the most cutting-edge earbud options on the market when you need them most.

Best Earbuds, Earphones and In-Ear Headphones FAQ:

Which brand of earbuds is the best?

This depends entirely on the expectations and needs you have for your earbuds.

This is why we have compiled a list of special features and specifics on all the earbuds and in-ear headphones we recommend.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options.

What are the best cheap earbuds?

Most of the earbuds you will find on our list are below the $80 limit.

This makes them ideal for someone looking for a good options but can’t really afford the most expensive item. We would recommend the 1More Triple Drive In-Ear Headphones or the RHA MA390.

If these options cost more than you want to spend at the moment, you can check out our list of the best Cheap Headphones of 2019.

Which is better, earbuds or headphones?

This is a matter of personal choice.

Some people like the sound deadening immersion of over the ear phones and other like the mobility and worry-free aspects of a wireless earbuds.

It depends on the priorities of the user.

How do I keep my earbuds from falling out?

The special designs of these higher end earbuds should keep them in place while you move around, but no two ears are the same.

If you will be running, jumping or moving about briskly, we would recommend you choose some earbud specially designed for the sports scene.

These typically have anchors or supports that keep them in place despite your vigorous activities.

When should I buy new earphones?

Choose a special deal or offer on a type of headphone you like.

For example, the Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching. As always, this will be held in the middle of July.

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