BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Review (2019)

David Trenmar
Dec 15, 2018 · 5 min read

Do you find starting up a campfire to be a daunting task or too much hassle for you?

Are you always worried about safety precautions associated with igniting and using a fire pit?

Biolite claim their FirePit has been developed to help you start and use a campfire with ease and safety as the priority. BioLite, a New York-based company, has taken a futuristic approach to fire pits, by developing an innovative product that reduces the workload involved in using a fire pit.

They also claim that in developing the 27-inch by 10-inch by 10.5 portable fire pit, they took every aspect of user experience into consideration and innovated to create an enjoyable experience with regards for those of us that love to spend some time outdoors.

The combination of useful features and an advanced design yields a stellar combination of smell, warmth and feel that very few portable firepits can achieve.

You can read my guide for choosing the best firepits for camping here.

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Best BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Review in 2019

BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Review: Features and Benefits

To understand why the FirePit stands a cut above the rest of the portable fire pits in the market, you need to explore the various features that it has.

#1. An Advance Airflow System

The BioLite comes with one of, if not the most advanced airflow system in any portable fire pits on the market. The airflow system is run by a fan that has four different setting for different flame controls.

The highest fan mode — mode 4 — has been designed to fire from sparks to a flaming fire in just a matter of seconds. BioLite reckons that the system as implemented in the FireLite can take sparks to fledgeling fire in as little as 30 seconds.

Mode 2 and mode have been designed as the cruising modes. As such, these modes are used during regular cooking, and they are designed to yield the amount of heat energy that you would normally use for proper cooking.

Mode on1, on the other hand, has been designed for long-burning fires with very little smoke but also tiny flames.

This is because the fan does not blow directly to the fire. Instead, the fan directs air into a system of air jets, 51 air jets to precise.

The air jets are designed to increase the overall availability of oxygen in the critical parts of flame.

These air jets not only increase the amount of oxygen available for combustion of the fuel, but it also improves the uniformity of the fire.

The benefits of these air flow system reduced fire ignition workload, improved fire control, and the reduction of smoke to almost non-existent levels.

I find the air flow system, especially the implementation of the jets system as the most stand-out feature.

#2. Wood and Charcoal Burning FirePit

Unlike many other portable fire pits on the market that are have been optimised for burning either coal or firewood, the FirePit has been tuned to consume both. As such, you can fill it with conventional coal and use it as fuel, or you can use two regular-sized pieces of firewood as your fuel.

This flexibility ensures that regardless of the situation you are in, and the fuel you have with you, you can use your fire pit.

#3: USB Rechargeable and Detachable Power Pack

FirePit comes with a 10,400 mAh battery pack that is rechargeable through a USB connection.

The nylon battery can also be detached and recharged through the Solar Carry Cover.

The USB output can be used to recharge your other devices. Importantly, the glass-filled battery store sufficient energy for 5 hours of high-mode runtime, 8 hours of medium modes runtime, and 24 hours low mode runtime.

#4: Wireless User Interface

Controlling The FirePit’s flame is easy. You can manually adjust the fan settings, thereby changing the flame intensity.

However, FirePit also comes with Bluetooth connectivity capability and a free Android and iOS BioLite Energy App.

This app integrates with FirePit, giving you remote control of the FirePit.

#5: Folding Legs

While the dimensions of the FirePit make it quite portable, BioLite has gone a step further in improving its portability.

They have designed the legs to fold with tremendous ease.

As such, whether you are packing you are FirePit for storage or travel, it does not take up a lot of space.

Furthermore, when you add their add-on Solar Carry Cover, you have a packing system that is not only optimal for storage and travel, but you also get a case that generates electricity while you are in the wild.

This additional feature comes in handy by recharging FirePit’s battery.

#6: X-Ray Mesh

The X-Ray mesh provides users with 360° of viewing. Importantly, this allows heat to radiate from all angles.

From the top you get the flames, from the bottom you get the amber glow, and from the sides, you get red glowing flames and crackles.

#7: Hibachi Style Grill

The BioLite’s FirePit comes with a Hibachi-style grill, complete with a grill grate.

As such, whether you are using a regular cooking pan or grilling, the pit is accommodative.

The Good and The Bad

BioLite’s FirePit has a lot going for it. For instance, it has been hailed the vast majority of its users and testers to be comfortable and intuitive to use, smoke-free fuel burning, detachable battery and fan, quiet air flow system, high-capacity battery, high-portability, and the Hibachi Style grill feature.

That being said, it does have downsides.

However, the few downsides most likely will not affect your user experience and, therefore, may not be a problem at all.

These include a lack of lid to use while cooking, it may be too large for some camping expeditions and it can use up charcoal relatively fast.

My Final Verdict…

As you can tell from my BioLite Smokeless Firepit review, it is obvious that it has been designed to be lightweight, durable, compact and easy to carry.

I recommend this firepit as a great option if you are in need of a portable firepit to use in your backyard or to bring on a camping trip.


Can FirePit burn wood chips?

In a nutshell, yes. However, due to the compact nature of chips, there is a high likelihood that the fire will produce smoke. The air jets find it difficult to penetrate deep into the wood chips.

How long does it take to cool down?

Because it uses X-Ray mesh body, it does not take long to cool down once all the fuel has been burned or removed. The handles also always stay cool to the touch.

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