Better to have loved…..

I have been in many relationships and it sounds like the late Elizabeth Taylor and I may have shared more than just a first name! My dear friends lovingly tell me that they keep my name written “in pencil” so that they can update my new last name and contact information. Well….to those wonderful souls out there who are fortunate enough to stay in relationship, town and area code for several years…I salute you!!

For me however, I have loved everyone who has come into my life, whether they were dear friends, family or a partner. I feel that we are lovingly placed in each others path for the contribution towards our higher evolution of self. I just seem to progress through my lessons a bit faster than others. Looking back, I would love to revisit the past and linger there for a bit and be given the chance to “get it right.” The reality is, we cannot “should’ve” on ourselves! Life moves on and so should the players in the grand adventure of a soul having a human journey!

So, why then are some relationships harder to move forward from then others? Possibly, we have not completed our karma or journey with that person or we still have not made the connection of the purpose or lesson we were meant to learn? Sadly, being reactive and allowing our emotions to dictate the ending or outcome of a very pivotal relationship can leave years of regret for “not staying” or not “saying” what our heart truly feels….even if we were not aware of exact truth of the heart.

I studied with the Buddhist Monks in S. Korea who had a wise metaphor ( I live by metaphors it seems!) “the tragedy does not lay in death, rather, the tragedy is what we allow to die within us while we are alive.” Coupled with my Mother’s final “words of wisdom” only four hours before she left the earth realm; “have no regrets.”

It is true, we can never move forward if we continue to look “back.” We do not have control over what happened in the past…it’s done. We do have the ability to take back our power and chose the way we respond to each moment in our lives. We have the power to forgive, to love, to listen, to let go and to evolve to a higher consciousness of “self.”

Our words are powerful; chose your words and thoughts wisely as they dictate the direction of the present moment and the future. Chose to come from a place of kindness and love. Be accountable for your actions an know, that your words, choices and deeds not only affect you..they effect everyone…the butterfly effect….much love to all~ Rev. Elizabeth O’Carroll