“ I’m just waiting to die…bored with life…want it to be over…” Words you never want to hear…or speak…

By Rev. Elizabeth O’Carroll

Recently a loved one spoke these words to me. Perhaps you have been met with these words from a friend or a close loved one? It is never easy to hear and has a way of blindsiding the receiver….leaving a person dumbfounded and scrambling for the “right words” to say. Depending on the individual’s circumstance; if this is a common occurrence or and uncommon one, the translation from our soul or higher self is “ I need a change.” Something MUST change to address the situation that caused the emotion and find the solution to create the change. Unfortunately, change takes an investment of effort and diligence to make it a reality.

If you find yourself feeling bored with life, life is too stressful or complicated….the answer is NEVER “taking the easy way out.” The answer is change. Find the network of professionals, friends and family who can assist you in identifying the root of the situation and emotion and steps (baby steps) towards a positive change. You were given a gift of LIFE and an adventure to determine how YOU want to decorate the chapters of your life! Only YOU can direct the compass of your path. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer~

On the flipside, you are in the position of “hearing” these emotions from someone and it doesn’t even need to be a person you know….just another soul who chose YOU out of all people to share their struggle with in hopes that it will be met with unconditional compassion. Autonomy and the ability to make informed decisions is the gift. Should you find yourself with the opportunity to guide another soul through a stressful time…remember that the answers that the other person needs are already INSIDE of themselves. You are there to listen…really listen…be a collector of facts and an agent of solution and change. Guide the person in need to identify the root cause, the facts and the possible solutions and allow them to choose for themselves. And do not take anything personal…it came from INSIDE that person and all personal growth is an “inside job!”

“A”-Awareness, “C”-Courage, “T” Transformation= A.C.T. Awareness that something needs to change, Courage to identify and pursue the change and Transformation to a more positive, evolved and peaceful soul having a human adventure.

There are a lot of wonderful agents of change out there and Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra are a few of my favorites. Whether you find yourself at a crossroads, a slump, bored, depressed, a plateau or someone you may or may not know….the pain or discomfort is the gift of awareness. Your soul or their soul is communicating to foster change and growth.

No one ever said transformation would be easy, however, it is only as difficult as one perceives it or makes it. Instead, view this time as a graduation from the drama class to the class of happiness and peace! Life is one great BIG classroom and we are blessed by and connected to each other. Every day, ask, “how can I serve?” Your service to others can be as simple as listening or maybe it’s time to listen to your own soul’s nudging. Courage is knowing that situations will change and you may lose a physical element or friends or family. Wayne Dyer asks, “What is it that you are holding on to? What is it that you are NOT willing to do?” If you or the person you are comforting is concerned of the loss of time, people or possessions; ask them how much it will cost them to “stay” in their current situation? Challenge yourself or others to love themselves enough to invest in their transformation. Much love to all~

Rev. Elizabeth O’Carroll