You seem to think that I’m commenting on your article as a whole.
Jesse Hattabaugh

See you have got this wrong in several ways. First, I and others would appreciate reading the whole article before commenting (although this one is quite long so I can understand). Second, not all backends are Node.js, so “not shimming/bundling node” is totally fine. I personally think it is a mistake for the web dev world to become so dependent on NPM, etc. Totally overengineered IMO, and I am not the first to say that. But yes RequireJS cannot bundle NPM deps like Browserify or Webpack. That is fact. But that’s not really what this article is about. This article is about praising the simplicity of the RequireJS design and saying one of its hidden strengths is allowing for hot-reloading to be much more easily achieved. I am not web developer because with the complex tools that are required today, it’s just not that fun anymore. For the same reasons, I also don’t do Android or iOS development, because the tooling is too complex. I did about 1 month’s worth of React Native and was like FUCK this. No thanks.

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