A New Home and A New Journey

Hello Writing Waves readers!

It’s official, I’ve moved! Here’s my new home:


Also, I created a new Twitter page just for the blog space: @onthepages

I eluded to trying to find a new home on my Now page and I have settled in. Some things are still in boxes so be patient with my lack of polish. It will get there once I get the drapes up and furniture dusted off to be moved in. I welcome any and all feedback. This medium has been incredible for me to share my experiences and stories with you. Practice to become a better write and achieve my goal of helping others find the best version of themselves. It got me to the place I am today with striking out on my own with my writing. I am taking the next steps because of the views and likes you’ve all blessed me with. For that I am grateful. It’s encouraging to take it further.

For now, until this site remains open, I will post links to my new posts in my new home. Here’s the last couple of posts I’ve made:

Honor Yourself is really about bringing out the best version of yourself and trusting in it. There’s a space for it and your top strengths will always be there for you, waiting to be tapped into. Here’s some ways to make sure they don’t go dormant.


Gratitude is a bit of reflection. It’s the season for it after all. I wrote it after Thanksgiving. I didn’t want it to get buried with all the other posts out there on gratitude, it deserved I felt to have a opportunity to stand on it’s own.


Those are my two most recents posts in my new home. Many more to come! Thanks again for taking a time out to read and just check in. You have something you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t, my advice? Do it!

Have a great week.

- Shawn

Originally published at www.writingwaves.com.

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