In-Between the Pages: The Landscape of Learning is Evolving

Image: Shawn Ward

You can no longer ignore nor fall asleep at the wheel with how technology will become a playground for your growth at work or life. There is a movement out there to balance technology and personal learning. That said, here’s some ways you should be dipping your toe in the pond when it comes to increasing your acumen around technological learning and improving your personal brand.

Get schooled online. More and more schools are giving online classes as an option. It’s a perfect way to balance work full-time and take classes to increase your smarts on your time. Brick and mortar school might not be a great option as someone who works for a living 8–9 hours a day and then transition to sitting in class afterward. Not only that continuous learning and learning agility in candidates is one of the most sought after skills sets companies are looking for. Someone who is capable to proving they can work and learn at the same time is very valuable to companies looking for employees that will create the edge they need to succeed.

What’s your or your company’s digital IQ? More and more companies as well are providing employees with incredible free resources to improve acumen and skill sets. For example, mine provides great discounts for various learning portals like,, and others of the ilk. Looking at how much things have changed with technology over just the last decade has created a need for companies to provide this to it’s employees. Look or ask for it, it’s got to be a part of their strategy to have emerging technology become a larger part. Especially at helping their employees become more specialized and be more growth oriented. You might have to do the work, but it’s worth the upgrade.

Lastly, if you’re comfortable with your learning agility and have no problem making continuos learning just being a part of your DNA, become a mentor or a creator for others. Show your peers the same path you took. Get involved in spreading the movement. Keep the mindset of not assuming everyone is as savvy as you or as agile. Not only that, your boss and peers are looking for someone to show them more than living in a 9–6 frame of mind or grind. Who likes to be unfilled at work? No one wakes up with the goal or thinking, “I’d love to just be stagnant in a place I spend one third of my life at.” Immerse others in your school of self-taught and become a mentor for others. They are looking for someone to show them something extraordinary.

To recap you need to stay focused on resources available to you online for learning that are flexible, look for your job’s learning IQ as well as what they offer you to learn/grow, and make learning as important as the biggest rocks you move everyday. Help others along that cannot see the value you see, be a mentor. You don’t need a title or a job status code to do that, you just need to be a human being interested in further advancements of human kind.

In this world of ever increasing technology and the ability to learn taking quantum leaps almost daily, anywhere on the planet you can imagine, you need to try to keep up to be as relevant as possible.

Thanks for take the time out to read the post. I’d love to know where you learn as I still have a lot to learn about what’s out there and would love to add to my own resources too. I can never have enough.

- Shawn

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