A Little Background

As I passed by the old adobe house where I grew up in Abiquiu, NM, vague childhood memories came back to me, and even the dry smell was nostalgic. The once intended site of a thriving Islamic community feels more desolate than ever with only a few families remaining there, and a largely abandoned adobe Masjid and school sitting atop the desert mountains. The picturesque environment is a sought-after backdrop for many Western films, even today, especially in the backlands of Abiquiu, also referred to as “Plaza Blanca” and “White City” due to the oddly shaped rock formations lining the…

An framed image of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib hanging on the wall in the home of Hakim Archuletta.

“In history, Islam showed itself to be culturally friendly and, in that regard, has been likened to a crystal-clear river. Its waters (Islam) are pure, sweet, and life-giving but — having no color of their own — reflect the bedrock (indigenous culture) over which they flow.”

~Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullah

I did not grow up in a Muslim household that was anti-music. On the contrary, my home was filled with gatherings of dhikr and traditional Islamic songs, and my father played guitar and introduced me to an eclectic variety of music from a young age. One of my father’s favorites…


7Stations is a Muslim rock band from the Bay Area that fuses Arabic Islamic spiritual songs with modern rock music. Album: http://the7stations.com/electricdiwan

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