Nature meets Gaming NFTs

Our team has created a collection of 10.000 unique assets that mimick the Rainforest’s biodiversity, inspired by the native flora of the Amazon. When you collect an Æternal, you can take it into a peaceful, meditative gaming ecoverse and take care of your digital rainforest.

Each NFT contains in its metadata the code for 3 different stages of evolution, which we call BUDDING, BLOOMING and ENLIGHTENED. As you engage with your plot in the gaming environment, taking care of the soil, watering the plants and completing other daily-tasks, your interactions cause the plot to flourish and evolve.

As your plot metamorphosizes in the gaming ecoverse, it also evolves in your wallet.

We designed our user experience with the intent of creating a state of peacefulness and fostering a sense of connectedness to the cause of rainforest conservation. As you continually nurture and guard your digital rainforest, your NFT will blossom and grow, and in the same way, if you don’t engage with it, it will devolve to its original BUDDING form.

Our gaming environment features a 24 hour soundtrack of the rainforest, and the sky changes from day to night in the same timezone as the Amazon. IoT sensors in the rainforest send data to our gaming environment so that when it rains in real life, it will also rain in the game.

We’ve partnered with Rainforest Partnership to send 55% of the profits of our initial sale to the continued protection of the rainforests of Central and South America. Rainforest Partnership has committed to giving us quarterly impact efficacy reports so that our community can see the collective impact of the project over time.

Every impact goal achieved will trigger an event in the Æternals Ecoverse.

Game structure

An Æternal contains 3 different stages in its metadata. You will have to engage with your plot in the game ecosystem to gain Growth Points to evolve your asset to the next state.

The name of these stages are BUDDING, BLOOMING and ENLIGHTENED.

Every stage has a different formula for evolving. On its initial stage, it will be faster to evolve if you play consecutively, but it will be easier to devolve as well. The higher your stage is, the slower the evolutions will be in both directions.

Your Æternal will start on Stage 1 — BUDDING.

From there, a number of daily-tasks will appear in your game when you connect your NFT to it. The completion of these tasks will give you Growth-points. In the same way, when you neglect you daily mission, Wilt-points will be substracted from your XP.

This is a table that will illustrate better the mechanics behind the evolution process.

As shown on the table, it will take you 20 consecutive days to evolve your Æternal from BUDDING to BLOOMING, and 40 consecutive days from BLOOMING to ENLIGHTENED.

You will need to play to maintain your plot in the ENLIGHTENED state, which will grant you an entry to our raffle for 10-ultra-rare Æternals.

This 10 Ultra-rare pieces of our collection will have in their metadata a different prize for the holder. This prizes will be all different from each other and especial on themselves, like the naming right to a newly discovered Frog species or a Trip for two to the Amazon guided by Rainforest Partnership and the local communities; the other ones will be revealed in the upcoming weeks before the mint.

The game will be playable both on mobile version and desktop, and a daily task will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

The Æternals is a project that speaks to rainforest protection in more ways than one. It’s a statement about the future of NFT’s and how they can be a bit of everything, an impact barometer, a ‘generative investable asset’, a forest broadcaster, a meditative tool or just a beautiful collector piece.

State changes & private blockchain

The main contract of ownership of your NFT will remain on Ethereum, but we have built a custom blockchain on the backend, that will be in charge of monitoring the state changes. These changes will not occur on Ethereum main chain, therefore, there will be no gas attached to the transaction, contributing back to a more regenerative economy.



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