The U.S. will be a dominant force in global oil and gas markets for many years to come as the shale boom becomes the biggest supply surge in history, the International Energy Agency predicted.

U.S. to Dominate Oil Markets After Biggest Boom in World History

One thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, especially today on Veterans Day, is what it means to have a platform. I guess it’s tempting, sometimes, to think that it doesn’t mean anything.

The Noise

In September, I met with a prominent entrepreneur looking for positive press on his new project. Meetings like these are a common, usually formulaic, part of my job — except in this one, the conversation drifted to the tech industry’s year of bad headlines.

The Other Tech Bubble

By 2027 the world could be facing a 214 trillion calorie deficit, says Sara Menker, founder and chief executive of Gro Intelligence, an agricultural data technology company. In other words, in just a decade, we won’t have enough food to feed the planet.

In 10 years, the world may not be able to feed itself

AS MILLIONS of Americans travelled home for Thanksgiving this week advice columns were filled with the perennial — but increasingly fraught — question of what to talk about at the dinner table.

The partisan divide in America is widening

The Federal Communications Commissionis set Thursday to repeal the rules requiring internet providers to treat all traffic on the web equally. The agency is also expected to remove the internet’s classification as a utility, freeing cable and telecom operators from many regulations.

Net Neutrality, For and Against

Before it was a verb, “gaslight” was a noun. A lamp. Then there was a play, Angel Street, in 1938, and then a film, Gaslight, in 1940, and then a second film in 1944 featuring an iconic, disheveled, unwinding performance from Ingrid Bergman.

Gaslit Nation — Words That Matter — Medium

The Omega Team was the soul of the company. Whereas the rest of the enterprise brought in the money to keep things going, by various commercial applications of narrow AI, the Omega Team pushed ahead in their quest for what had always been the CEO’s dream: building general artificial intelligence.

The Last Invention of Man

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) was not only a radical architect but also an immensely popular one.

How Frank Lloyd Wright changed architecture

It is no secret that elected legislators are generally either inept or heinous. The data confirm that Congresspeople have a lower approval rating than marketing executives and bubonic plague. The only mystery, then, is why we keep them around.

Why Not Have a Randomly Selected Congress?

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