Entrepreneurial Hack: Staying connected with friends

This simple calendar hack helps me stay connected with my friends.

In one of my conversations with some fellow entrepreneurs this past week, and they mentioned to me that they were having difficulty staying in touch with friends because of long hours at work.

As someone who lives by my calendar, I find unbooked times on my calendar as void that can be filled with more work because I am running a young, fast growing company myself.

I found a simple hack that helped me keep in regular contact with my friends, hopefully, helps you as well. BTW, this hack is just as relevant for entrepreneurs as it is for busy professionals.

Hack: Let’s hang every six weeks

Here’s the trick: just schedule the “hang” session as a repeating event every six weeks.

Why six weeks, and not five or seven weeks?

A month is too short and two months is too long — so six weeks seemed perfect. Same reason, why my company’s board meetings were scheduled six weeks apart in the early days.

What if someone can’t make it?

Simple, since they have a commitment on their calendar and if they realize they have a conflict, it becomes their responsibility to reschedule. Note, I said reschedule and not cancel. Rule of thumb — cancellations should not admissible.

This hack is so simple that I’ve been using it since the beginning of this year.


  1. Friday early evening drinks with Lyu

2. Monday morning breakfast with Eric

3. Sunday Skype call with Tzviatko (who lives in Africa)

4. Tuesday lunch with Jivko

5. Thursday happy hour with Steve and Mo

I also have similarly scheduled meetings with a couple of entrepreneurial groups where this method works really well.

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