Recruiters, Technical Interviews, and a Startup

Ah the technical interview. If you are in the technology field, you have had to do a technical screening at some point in your career. This in and of itself isn’t a big deal; however, when you are in a growth company and you need more qualified candidates faster than ever, this can become a problem. Technical screenings take time away from day to day tasks and this reality usually results in the organization making an investment with a recruiting firm.

I spent 10 years of my career as a Practice Architect at TEKsystems Global Services. This was the solutions arm of the staffing giant many of us have worked with. What that meant is that I came up with solutions, and the staffing arm of TEKsystems (the 4th largest staffing company in the world) then found people to make my solution work.

Recruiters have a very difficult job. They have to find people in bulk and yet make sure they are qualified and able to get the job done. The candidate a recruiter puts forward must be able to represent the desired skills of the client company, but also the values and work ethic of the staffing company. Here’s the catch, recruiters often don’t have the technical skills to properly evaluate the people they are interviewing. They either have to ask the client to provide this screening, or they have to have people in house who can do the work. This can have mixed results depending on availability. It creates a risk to the customer and to the income of the recruiter.

Enter LinkedTek

This is an idea that I am playing with to fill the technical screening gap as a service to recruiters directly. I’d love to give you all the details, but my team and I are still figuring it out. In the mean time, I have a favor to ask:

If you’re a recruiter, go to and take the survey so I can learn more about the value of this idea. If you are not a recruiter, share with any recruiter you may know.

In return, as the research, idea, and product unfold, I promise to keep you guys in the loop as we build a startup from the ground up. And just to sweeten the pot, we are giving away a $150 Amazon Gift Certificate to a randomly selected survey participant on November 15th!

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