3 Things Every Senior Level Tech Executive Should do Online in 2017

Part of our role at theBoardlist is to help our community shine — to give advice on creating the perfect profile and tips on personal branding. Even with all of the great advice out there, it’s amazing to how many of the senior level executives who work in the tech industry are invisible online — without any sort of social media presence at all. We realize that not every hard-working CFO or CEO will have the time for daily tweets, but not having any sort of presence at all is costing you.

Last year’s survey of Fortune 500 CEOs found that 61% still have no public-facing social media presence. Now, this might make sense for some of the slower-moving, non-technical industries in the Fortune 500, but it’s just bizarre for executives who work in tech. Your personal brand matters — now more than ever.

Below are 3 things all senior level executives in tech should do online this year:

1. Get a Modern, Current Headshot

We’ve written about this before, but it’s so important to your personal brand online, it’s worth mentioning again. In the digital era, you MUST have an up-to-date, modern headshot on all of your social media profiles. It’s not just vanity — it builds trust and credibility. LinkedIn has also done research that show better profile photos get more pageviews/interest.

Once you’ve got a photo, post a high resolution version of your headshot somewhere too, because that’s the one people will grab when they write anything about you and you don’t want your photo to suffer from the dreaded low-res problem. There are plenty of photographers in your area who can help you get a great shot, but if you’re on a startup budget, here are tips for faking a professional shoot.

2. LinkedIn Profile

The “business” social network is most beloved by executives for a good reason and many senior level executives understand the power of a strong LinkedIn profile and already utilize the site for networking and recruiting. LinkedIn profiles are also (usually) one of the top results when someone Googles you. If you only keep one thing online updated, it should be LinkedIn. Here are a few tips for a strong executive profile:

  1. Keep it current — When you move roles or switch to or start a new company, take a few minutes and update your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Include links — it’s amazing how few executives include links in their LinkedIn bio. Include your company’s homepage, your personal Twitter or other social media profiles and any other online presence you have (personal webpage, blog, etc).
  3. Write a strong summary — even it’s only 1–2 sentences long, take the time to summarize yourself at the top and be sure to include your super-power!

3. Twitter Profile

Even if you’re not active, it’s good to create a Twitter account that includes your “real” name and current company role/title.

  • Already know you won’t spend time tweeting? Post one tweet that says that (“Not an active tweeter, find me at xyz”) and include a link to your current company website and/or Twitter account, your LinkedIn account or your other online presence.
  • Ready to join the conversation? Even if you only have 10 minutes a week to spend on Twitter, it’s a great place to establish yourself as a subject media expert and/or promote your company’s wins. Even if you’re just posting the great industry article you just read, you’re adding to the conversation. It’s also easy to RT your company’s Twitter account when there’s news, a big press hit or other celebratory things.

Regardless of your activity level, be sure include a link to to your company’s social media account in your bio. Work for a company that’s worried about the legal issues of you speaking in public? Include a “I don’t speak on behalf of xyz company” blurb to your bio.


Consider creating a landing page, blog, or about.me profile. Spend an hour or two setting up a blog or about.me profile to pull together all of your social media or other online information in one spot. If you’re more technical and it’s still available, grab the URL of your full name and park that information there.

Further Reading

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