5 Reasons to Hire Women Over 40 at Your Tech Startup

Feb 15, 2017 · 3 min read
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Susan B. Anthony, on being a fierce “older” lady.

Much has been said about the tendency of tech companies to hire primarily young workers. There’s also the tired stereotype that older people are not “hip to new technology” to deal with. Like other hiring biases in tech, this issue seems to hit women in tech harder.

Today, on Susan B. Anthony day, we’re suggesting 5 reasons why it’s important to hire women over 40 to work at your tech startup.

1. Innovative and efficient

2. Women = results

3. They value time

4. A lifetime of experience (as a lady)

5. Mentor and advocate

Study after study shows that a diverse team makes smarter (and more profitable) decisions. Without including team members from various age groups in your team, you’re leaving money — and a better product — on the table.

Ready to help us increase the number of qualified women on tech startup boards? Visit theboardlist.com/join to learn more.

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