Announcing WCM’s partnership with theBoardlist

WCM partners with theBoardlist

Today, theBoardlist is expanding our reach further into Canada by joining forces with Women In Capital Markets (WCM) to increase gender diversity on corporate boards across Canada. WCM is a non-profit organization that promotes the entry, advancement, and development of gender diversity across Canada’s financial industry.

Our partnership will create a consolidated tool for CEO’s and boards searching for qualified female leaders. Candidates on WCM’s Board-Ready Directory will now also be featured on theBoardlist platform as a way to increase their exposure and broaden the opportunities available to them.

Why is this partnership important?

In corporate Canada today, only three percent of TSX-listed companies have a female CEO and only 14 percent of board seats at TSX-listed firms are occupied by women. At this pace, we remain some 200 years from achieving parity. As an organization that shares our mission to increase women’s representation on boards, we are thrilled to unite forces and provide a single, comprehensive platform for CEOs and boards searching for board-ready individuals.

How can you support this initiative and help to improve gender diversity in Canada’s boardrooms?

  1. Help us spread the word — share theBoardlist’s mission with fellow board members, senior leaders and recruiters in your network and with organizations where you currently have governance roles.
  2. Encourage other qualified, board-ready women to create their profiles on theBoardlist or complete a Candidate Application Form for WCM. An extensive list of high-quality candidates will generate more profile and visibility, bringing more opportunities to all.
  3. Share and promote WCM’s Board-Ready Directory on your social media channels and tag @WCMcanada and theBoardlist

Please join us as we continue our movement to get more women where they belong: The Boardroom.

About theBoardlist:

theBoardlist is a global online platform that curates, develops and connects exceptional female talent with global board opportunities. We serve companies of all sizes, across all industries to accelerate opportunities for women to achieve at the highest levels. For more information visit or follow theBoardlist on Twitter @theBoardlist.

About WCM:

WCM is the largest network of professional women in the Canadian financial sector and the voice of advocacy for women in our industry. Our 2,000 members are diverse professionals in all segments of capital markets and related financial services. We work with our partners, members and the broader public to promote initiatives that successfully increase the economic empowerment of women and move the dial on women’s representation and participation across Canada’s finance industry.

Succeeding in our mission and effectively driving positive change in our industry requires a concerted effort from us all; firms, government, family members, male and female professionals. There is great strength in numbers and progress lies in the collective actions of individuals. We invite you to join our movement to leave gender parity as a legacy to the next generation. Together, we can make gender inequality history.