#BeABetterBoard Roundup: Tips from Tech Leaders & theBoardlist Community

For the last month, our #BeABetterBoard series has featured advice from tech industry leaders on better board governance.

Here are their tips:

From The Community

In addition, we asked members of theBoardlist Community to share what they’ve learned while serving on and managing boards, what they wish they knew when they first started, and where they focus now. Here’s a few of their tips…

  1. Kathleen Camilli has served on multiple boards, public, private and non-profit. Her advice? “When you join a board, put your ego aside, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to work collaboratively!”
  2. Our friends down under from the Startup Boardroom shared this tip on board curation: “Diversity is the anchor for performance, cognitive diversity unlocks blind spots [and prevents] Group Think.”
  3. Solid reminder from Nitin Vig: “It is critical to realize that our role is not to run the company … but [to] help the CEO.”
  4. Moira Clarke, on the importance of CEO reviews: “…most boards seem to struggle with providing a real assessment of the CEO. It’s a big gap. CEOs need a true evaluation. Like all leaders, they need to continue to grow and adapt just as their context does. Too often the board hesitates to provide the feedback only they can provide.”
  5. Paul Hauck reminds us it starts with board member selection: “The first step is appointing board members who really understand the value of hearing actual input from across your customer/business community first-hand. Those people will value most the opinions and input of those most different from themselves.”
  6. Board coach Kathleen Vaughan of Xponentially shares this tip: “Know your board and keep in touch with them as needed for an effective meeting and evaluate yourselves!”

What is your #1 tip for helping manage or serving on a board? Share it in the comments or over on Twitter with the hashtag #BeABetterBoard

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