#CareerGoals: Old School vs. New School: 6 Ways a Modern Headshot Will Elevate Your Career

Modern headshots: Current & Classic (Photos: Brian DeSimone Photography)

The first impression is a lasting impression

(Photo: Brian DeSimone Photography)

Reason 1: You are your brand (so look like it)

Reason 2: Your look impacts who you’ll work with

Lesley Grossblatt, COO & VP of Product at theBoardlist (Photo: Brian DeSimone Photography)

Reason 3: Your photo needs to tell not just your story, but the right story

Same woman, same outfit, very different headshots. (Photos: Brian DeSimone Photography)
Light-hearted or serious — how do you want your headshot? (Photos: Brian DeSimone Photography)

Reason 4: A good picture is worth a thousand words . . . and so is a bad one

Reason 5: Post-production can turn a great photo into a jaw-dropping, comment-gathering, fantastic photo

Post-processing can take a good photo and make it outstanding. (Photos: Brian DeSimone Photography)
Post-processing can make a huge difference, check the before (left) and after (right). (Photos: Brian DeSimone Photography)

Reason 6: You have to spend money to make money

Bonus! What to expect from an awesome photographer

Stay Memorable



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