Roundup: 5 Lists of #WomenInTech from Last Week

Here at theBoardlist, we’re a big fan of women in tech. We’re also partial to lists :)

With International Women’s Day drawing a big amount of attention last week, there were a ton of great articles featuring lists of amazing women in tech. Here’s a roundup of our favorite lists.

  1. An A-Z of Women Pushing Boundaries in Science and Tech — list in Motherboard from to Katrin Amunts to Manoush Zomorodi.
  2. 21 Women Disrupting Tech — TechCrunch’s slideshow includes a wealth of tech-savvy women.
  3. Women Invent: 100 Women in Tech whose Names you Need to Know — Silicon Republic’s global list of 100.
  4. Women (who Invest) in Tech: a List of Some of the Most Influential European Female VCs — Tech EU had two great lists this week, this and one 50 inspiring female techies.
  5. 16 Women Paving the Way in Digital Media and Technology —’s list of techy journalists.

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