Is America (Really) Collapsing?
umair haque

Amazingly, you stumble upon some truth, with some generous interpretation here and there. Pretty rare for a guy who recommends more expenditures to a government already living on artificially cheap credit and the productivity of the helpless unborn.

America is definitely in decline. You recently wrote this collapse is a result of lack of investment in what you label public goods. I showed that American expenditures in several of those areas are at all time highs, on a per capita basis. Education and healthcare are among those.

Since your hypothesis has been shown to be incorrect, we must find alternative explanations.

In medicine, perverse incentives have drawn America into a morass of paperwork. Check out Direct Primary Care on YouTube for the improvements in price and quality possible when we step outside of them and return to a rational market. This is without even attempting to tackle the FDA.