Catered meals, bean bags, and massages

Obviously found in the most capitalist industry in America

To have your typical Bernie supporter tell it, you’d think that unfettered capitalism could only lead towards the inevitable destruction of the middle class, as the bourgeoisie continuously appropriated ever increasing shares of the value created by the proletariat.

In order to witness this wanton destruction, I sought out the most competitive and unregulated industry in America: software. There are almost no laws governing under what conditions you can create and sell software. It’s very hard to copyright anything other than actual source code, and hard to prove it was used by a competitor. Heck, even when laws are applicable, it’s often impossible to enforce them (see the fact that Silk Road’s replacement was up within 24 hours after Ross Ulbricht was arrested).

In short, if socialist worker oppression is going to happen anywhere, it’s going to be in software.

So, imagine my surprise when I searched “Google office” and found this:

Look at all that oppression!

Obviously something is off here. If capitalist oppression were the most important factor in determining outcome, there is no way this is the industry that would have a FREAKING SLIDE in its office.

Wages and benefits are determined by productivity, which itself is set by capital.

In fact, software is now somewhat famous for its well paid employees, amazing offices, and, at times, obscene perks.

This demonstrates something that is exceedingly important to understanding prosperity. Wages and benefits are determined by productivity, which itself is set by capital.

Capital can be human skills, like being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, or material, like machinery. The more you have of these, the higher the ceiling of your wage will be. The less your market has, the lower businesses will be able to pay you.

The next time you are wondering why some society has a low standard of living or are wondering how to improve yours, examine what capital is available, how it’s being used, and how to improve it. These are the stepping stones to prosperity. There are no short cuts.