The Economic Costs of Repealing the Affordable Care Act

Honestly, I agree with this article that the problems with our healthcare run deeper than repealing Obamacare, and I hope the Republicans are prepared for that fact.

However, keeping it in place or moving forward with a more socialized version of it is not the answer, either.

In fact, we are already beginning to see the solution break through the cracks in the concrete. Dr. Josh Umbehr at Atlas Md has already shown us that simply cutting a broken business model (insurance) out of routine care can reduce those costs by as much as 90%. The Surgery Center of Oklahoma shows us that doing so to surgery sees similarly radical results.

The lie is that healthcare has to cost as much as it does. The lie is that we currently have a free market system. It doesn’t, and we don’t. Using insurance for routine and semi-routine care has made the market so inefficient that it’s as expensive as socialized medicine.

It’s time to remove the false incentive to use insurance and to shift that to HSA’s so that consumers will start to be able to pay cash for all but catastrophic problems.