I hate all forms of collectivism, including communism and fascism.
Um, nobody said people couldn’t earn more money through their ingenuity.
Daniel Jeffries

I don’t understand why people refuse to consistently apply definitions. Collectivism is acting as if certain demographics are a single organism. Whites, blacks, rich, poor, male, female. All of these are treated as if they inherently mean something concrete about individuals.

UBI treats those with money as if they are inherently evil. Make over a certain amount and you get punished. Of course we won’t call it a punishment, since that would feel icky, but it’s functionally identical to labeling the upper middle class as a bunch of capitalist pigs and taking their stuff.

UBI is a collectivist policy. You do not hate all forms of collectivism. In fact, you don’t even hate communism (if we are to suppose that hate would affect your actions, not just your words), because UBI absolutely hails from the Marxist tradition.

You just don’t like being called a communist because that makes you feel bad and/or because many people still remember that communism === the worst atrocities of the 20th century.

This is capitalism on steroids.

The fact that you can write this down betrays catastrophic ignorance or dishonesty. Capitalism is voluntary cooperation within an atmosphere of strong property rights. UBI is based on systematically violating ownership to provide income. It can therefore not be capitalistic.

This is the second time in one single comment that you have failed to apply or understand basic political/economic definitions.

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