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It’s completely possible that the disparity you observe is justified. IQ is a reliable indicator of financial and career success, thus it is a good way to measure what results we would expect from different demographics. IQ surveys of Americans shows that black Americans score an entire standard deviation lower than whites, on average. That’s huge.

Women vs men is more even. However, it’s worth noting that the financial sector attracts the elite of the elite, due to the monetary incentive. So, if there’s even a small difference, given the limited number of positions in the financial sector, it will have a disproportionate impact. Thus, Lynn and Kanazawa’s findings that men had a slightly higher standard deviation makes a big difference.

Women also self-select themselves out of VC firms by going into other fields. So, they avoid the field and we would expect the rate of guys with IQ’s above 130 to be twice that of women.

There’s also no reason to expect different demographics to have the same outcomes, such as ending up in VC firms at the same rate. Thomas Sowell points out that Hispanics go into history at rates far exceeding that of East Asians, and the Asians go into math at rates far exceeding Hispanics. These are just choices those demographics make.

It’s worth pointing out that simply throwing a statistical trend like this up and saying, “AHA! Discrimination!” does not follow. If only men are applying for jobs, then men are going to get hired. I remember reading an article here about a software firm that had made a commitment to gender parity in their demographic breakdown. The author literally said they had to WORK to do that. That’s extremely strong evidence that certain fields really do have a dearth of female talent.

Finally, why do you think you have the right to condemn people for not risking their hard earned money on people you think they should? It’s their money. It’s their business. To co-opt Obama’s quote, you didn’t build that. If they think having an all-male office will help them be better at their job, then so be it.

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