So do you see India as your perfect society,where a few rich people run the government for…

It’s interesting that you say “unfair” instead of “unjust”. Some would gloss over that difference, but I think it is central to your world view. You are that kid who whines about how “Billy got a cookie, why don’t I?! That’s not ffaaaaaaaiiiiirrrrrr.”

News flash. Life isn’t fair, and it isn’t anybody’s fault.

With that out of the way, India and Somalia have NEVER had unchecked capitalism. Ever. In their entire history. Not once. Not even for a millisecond. So, it’s strange to me that you would cite them as examples of what capitalism would become.

Let’s also examine this idea of “unchecked capitalism.” What you probably mean by this is “unchecked greed.” This is a failure to understand the nature of capitalism, which is voluntary exchange based on strong property rights. Capitalism very much checks the greed and directs it into activities that are good for society.

Within that system, the only way you get ahead is by providing goods and services that people want at a better price than the competitor.

It is only when you throw centralized systems of power into the mix that large organizations begin to gain systemic advantages, and this is only because they convince the government to abandon capitalism in favor of cronyism and socialism.

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