I support property rights that are decided on by the people through their representative government.
“So, I can just take stuff from you, because it’s just your opinion that you own it?”
I. Kahan

So, if 51% of people decide you’re not entitled to any of your paycheck, then you’re not? If property rights really are decided through representative government, that would be fair play.

The principle that I follow is “do whatever will help people as much as possible.”

That’s good that you follow that principle. Pointing guns at people that just aren’t doing enough, according to you, does not make you a better person, though. It makes you a thug.

In many ways they do.

In what area of life do 90% of Americans have the same standard of living that they did 40 years ago?

My point is that our standard of living grew much faster before we ran into the Reaganomics wall.

Since the early 1970’s, regulation of the American economy has grown at an unprecedented rate, outside of war times. The Federal Reserve has embarked on extremely aggressive monetary policy. Government debt at all levels has skyrocketed to unsustainable levels.

The idea that “free market” principles have been the defining feature of American economic policy since Reagan is unfounded.

I don’t have the same type of dogmatic principles as you do.

How is “Don’t hurt people or take their stuff” (an extremely informal and incomplete statement of the NAP/IVP) a dogmatic principle to be ashamed of? Under what circumstances are you saying that it’s okay to point a gun at the innocent and take something from them?

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