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The responses to this piece are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. Doctors are already beginning withdraw from Medicare because it pays so little that they would go bankrupt if they tried to accept it. This is despite the fact that Congress has been continuously kicking the can on dropping Medicare compensation for years now, despite that decrease being a major part of every budget projection DC releases.

The death panel is a reference to the fact that rationing has to take place under Obamacare. It had to take place under Medicare, but now it’s more severe.

What the system needs is efficiency, not socialism (which is example #1 of inefficiency). Josh Umbehr’s AtlasMD has cut the cost of primary care by 60% without a single subsidy by letting customers pay directly for the care they want. The Surgery Center of Oklahoma has seen similar results.

If we had a free market in healthcare (instead of a highly central planned one, which is what we’ve had since Medicare, Medicaid, the FDA, and WW2), it would probably cost America about a THIRD of what it does now.

The Feds ARE broke. $19T in debt and counting, and that doesn’t even begin to take into account unfounded liabilities. We can’t afford Medicare and Medicaid, much less Obamacare, much less single payer.

The only solution that won’t end up in massive social upheaval is the free market.

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