Bitcoin Core wants to work on a sustainable solution with, potentially, later a blocksize increase but first there has to be work done on efficiency.
Roger Ver: From Bitcoin Jesus to Bitcoin Antichrist

This is at least suspect. LN is going to take years to make a difference to scaling. By that time, Bitcoin will be dead. Furthermore, increasing the blocksize to 8mb, for instance, is a low amount of work relative even to SegWit. Fix quadratic hashing. Increase the limit. Done.

I’ve listened to Core, and they do not have on chain scaling on the roadmap. In the Roger Ver vs Tone discussions, the Core Dev and Tone both failed to mention any on chain scaling in the roadmap.

LN is a fine idea. Most in BU are not opposed to it. However, it will come too late. Furthermore, on chain scaling should not be curtailed by artificial limitations. Users should decide how they want to transact based on real prices, not distortions. Core does not care to address these points in a timely manner.

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