The Hated
umair haque

This piece is brilliant in that it technically says nothing, but instead lets the reader project almost whatever they want on to it. You say they hate minorities. Who’s they? It’s white men, but you didn’t actually say that. So, if somebody writes a response based on that interpretation you can throw up your hands in innocence, claim there are No True Scotsman, and technically be correct.

With that said, this is also typical leftist hysteria. You want to pretend that the other side isn’t making a lot of pertinent points, so you ignore it by telling yourself that they hate you. It’s much easier to do that. You don’t even bother to actually find an instance of real hate. No facts need apply. I’m not even sure you can articulate an actual syllogism at this point, given the amount of work you put into avoiding them.

I also love the stereotyping. For a political movement that fights against stereotyping, you all do it a lot. In fact, it’s what everything you do is based on. Social justice doesn’t care about the individual. It cares about the status of social classes. If you’re in the right caste, them you get goodies. Otherwise, you’re not even human.

Which brings us to the last point. You dance around this and very rarely actually say it, but here you mention it. Love is for those are your side. The other side gets no love. The distinguishing characteristics of the other side are skin color and gender. Who’s the real racist now?

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