What proof do you have?

Tribalism can only be necessarily evil if all ideologies are necessarily morally equivalent. If that were true, you would have no grounds to critique rape or murder or genocide.

Socialism: every state that has tried socialism has failed to the extent that it tries it. Venezuela has some of the richest natural resources in the world, yet its people are starving. China has only recovered as it has allowed freedom and liberty. The West has implemented the majority of Marx’s planks of communism and is generally bankrupt, with a couple notable exceptions that have begun to pull back from a large welfare state.

Multiculturalism: Robert Putnam’s landmark study. The failure of Muslim immigrants to integrate in Europe and the resulting friction. The difficulties of living side by side in America. Every pogrom ever.

Alternatives? Strongly enforced borders, immigration that benefits the host nation, and trade with everybody. The borders so that populations don’t feel threatened. Trade so that we do not view others as our enemies.

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