Has the West Lost Its Mind?
umair haque

Your ability to write in such a way that destroys rational discourse is honestly astonishing. Reading you is like taking a master class in propaganda.

What you have just written is yet another example of you refusing to engage with your opposition. You have essentially asserted that analyzing political positions is bad (“overthinking”, “analysis paralysis”) and that, instead, we need to just go with our gut (“the answers are very simple”).

Anybody who actually listens to this is doomed to fall to the Law of Unintended Consequences.

The answers are very simple, aren’t they? Copy what successful societies have done. Give people public healthcare, education, transport, finance.

This is sophistry. Just wanted to point that out for anybody who read this and nodded. It’s not an argument, it’s an assertion, and thus is Begging the Question.

Moreover, strong courts and property rights are the defining characteristics of successful societies, not socialism. That is, you can find socialism in many places in the world. Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea all have Umair’s prescribed policies. They are not remotely successful, though.

Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and East Asia all have (relatively) strong property rights, though.

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