Art Community: A valuable tool for pushing past the creative block.

Roof Deck During BBS Party

There is a moment during the creative process of every artist when they hit that dreaded wall. No matter how much energy and time is given to a project, there are elements of pure inspiration needed to motivate the work and push past a creative block. This is where your art community plays a vital role in coming together to invigorate and propel you forward.

Art communities are at the core of cultural, political and creative movements. The spaces formed to make and show art are the most powerful gathering places within our neighborhoods. These communities create a safe framework for people to speak freely and develop compelling artistic voices. Even a casual meeting of minds over coffee can spark a wealth of ideas for individual work, art events, or a vision to benefit the entire community.

Whether you consider yourself a solitary creator or an artist who thrives on collaboration, it’s important to acknowledge how energizing it is to share ideas. The greatest art movements in history helped to form distinct individual voices while simultaneously holding each other up by the force of many. Marcel Duchamp, a painter, sculpture and writer once said, “I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists.”

Next time you find yourself shouldering a hefty creative block, try diving into your local art community. Gather together fellow artists and thinkers for an inspirational shake up of concepts and ideas. Learn, share and make connections to strengthen your role as an artist. The art community is your strongest tool.