Can a Gathering of Similar Minds Boost Creativity?

Movements in Color (Amanda Millet-Sorsa and caitlin+dancers) as part of BrushX community engagement

It’s happened to all artists, makers and creators at some point: a mental roadblock stops you in your tracks and you can’t move forward with your work or make the creative leap that you need to. This is often followed by hours — or even days — of frustration and wasted time. At times like this, a gathering of similar minds may be the key to boosting your creativity and regaining your creative focus. Here are three ways surrounding yourself with creative people can get you back on track.

A supportive environment fosters creativity. When you’re faced with the harsh realities of life, creativity can take a back seat. Sometimes a deadline or a budget looms large in our mind, or a disagreement with a friend or customer clouds our outlook with negativity. Take a moment to connect with similar creative minds who understand what you’re going through. You can vent your frustrations and allow your mind to relax, opening the door to creativity.

A gathering of creative minds can boost your own creative energy. Just as we tend to feel happier around positive people and more motivated around energetic people, we can expect to feel more creative around other creative people. When you’re at a creative low point, surrounding yourself with creative people can boost your own creative energy. And after hearing about other people’s creative challenges and successes, you’ll realize that your own creative low is just a temporary speed bump on the road ahead of you.

Gathering creative minds around you can spark curiosity and collaboration. One of the best things about surrounding yourself with similar minds is that it opens the door to new conversation, questions and collaboration. Get out of the box that is your own mind and be open to what’s going on around you. Another person may have a new perspective you never considered before, or an opportunity that you never imagined. Remember that collaboration is a two-way street. When you contribute equally to the conversation, you’ll start to build a foundation for even more creative collaboration in the future.

Creativity comes from within, but it flourishes when we surround ourselves with similar minds. Try it yourself and see what new doors open for you.