The Life of a Creator: What Kind of Environments Do You Need to Stay Inspired?

Life of a creator

Ryoichi Nakamura

As a creator in the arts, you know it’s never an easy life in the beginning, yet the passion for creating keeps you going. The life of a creator has to come for a love for what you do. It also means finding inspiring environments to keep your creative flame going.

Many creative artists note that creating your own inspiration is one of the major rules in keeping a creative life going. So how do certain environments shape your creativity?

Maintaining a Creative Base to Finish Creative Projects

It’s worth looking back at creative artists from the past and seeing how they managed to stay creative through their environments. F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda happened to become a little too nomadic during the former’s best writing years.

As The Atlantic once noted, it took Fitzgerald a decade to finish “Tender is the Night” because of the changing work environments he lived in.

When you’re writing a novel, you may need a specific environment to keep up your mental speed.

So does this mean having one home base is beneficial? It’s more about the environment you surround yourself with, no matter where you live.

Living in an Artist’s Community

While everyone is different in the environments they choose for creating art, it pays to find a quality living space with affordability. Many creative artists like you are already living on a budget and can’t (yet) afford to live in expensive apartment suites.

At the same time, you don’t want to live in dilapidated surroundings, especially apartments not bothering with cockroach or bedbug inspections.

Fortunately, it’s possible to find both affordable and quality in studio environments not distracting you from your work.

Living in New York City

We all know The Big Apple is the top choice for creative artists, especially in the Brooklyn area. As many note on places like Quora, Brooklyn is a popular place for artists because of the more affordable living conditions.

Living in an environment like this can inspire you further because you’ll be able to network with artists just like you. Plus, you’re within short distance to Manhattan to enjoy the world’s greatest artistry.

So while the life of a creator isn’t always easy to start, it’s not impossible to find a work studio where you can flourish in your creative pursuits.

At Brooklyn Brush, this is our mission. We invite you to check out the affordable studios we have available that are perfect for all creators.