Which to Choose: Co-working Spaces vs Creative Workspaces

Creative workspaces vs Co-working spaces

Marissa Crider (left) and Rachel Cuyler (right)

You’re fed up with working from home, and you’ve started the process of looking for somewhere else to work.

You’re a solopreneur, artist or maker, so you can’t always work from the coffee shop. You need more than what they can offer. Like a fax machine. Or time away from people. You’re also tired of having to fight for an electrical socket, or constantly having to buy coffee to keep your wi-fi going. You need a space, but you aren’t entirely sure where to look.

You started this journey because you were SICK of having office hours, and you like being your own boss.

There are two major options that are available to you after you’ve decided the coffee shop and working from home are out. These are co-working spaces and creative workspaces.

The first is a Co-Working space. The idea here is sharing a working environment, while still being able to work independently.

Some are more rigid, with certain hours they’re open and rules towards what you can or cannot do within them. Others offer 24/7 availability and, provided you don’t “excessively disturb” others within the space, allow you to work as you will.

On average, it’s a way for solopreneurs to grab cheap office space, with the amenities of an office, and the ability to meet others in their world.

On the other hand, you have the Creative Workspace. This is… imagine your own office space, but with the ability to go out and meet with others any time you need. It’s that perfect blend between working at home and working in a coffee shop. You have both the quiet of a space to work and also the freedom to meet with like-minded others to recharge and connect.

An example of that ‘perfect blend’ is Brooklyn Brush.

Brooklyn Brush is a space that connects and encourages makers and artists of all stripes. For the artist, we provide a platform for artists to network through curated programming in both the in-house experimental gallery — Brooklyn Brush [X] and pop-up shows throughout New York City.

While for our makers we offer professional meeting spaces, infrastructure amenities such as complimentary wi-fi, concierge services for receiving packages, waiting areas and kitchens.

For more information on the differences between co-working spaces versus creative workspaces, and the benefits, please contact us.