4 Tips for Effective Brand Building

Apr 16 · 3 min read

In this digital age, where consumers are drowning in an ocean of branded pap, companies are beginning to learn that they live or die by the strength of their brand and how they market it.

With ever increasing online and offline channels, and social media dominating gen z’s daily information source, identity and differentiation are becoming vitally important. ‘For markets, differentiation today is more challenging than at any time in history — yet it remains at the heart of successful marketing’ (Alastair Dryburg). So here are some tips on conveying your authenticity as a brand in today’s marketplace.

1. Brand — Do You Know Who You Are?

A cohesive, consistent and authentic brand across all area’s of your business is crucial. Branding goes deeper than stationary sets, fonts, brand colours and attire. A true brand includes a strong vision and a purpose towards which you and your team can strive. Establishing a strong core values framework early will allow you to shape key components of your business, like your customer journey and website. This way, your brand will really resonate.

At Clarity we have a core values framework called ‘LIAISE’ which enabled us to embed our core values into our day-to-day business. If you would like a copy of this, please get in touch.

2. Clients — Do You Really Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are?

Understanding who your clients are (or who you want them to be) is really important too. Communicating the right message, in the right way, on the right channel, ensures your firm’s services don’t get lost.

Creating avatars of your ideal clients is a great activity for the whole team, allowing them to truly understand who they are and how yo connect with them.

Do you know their fears, wants and needs?

What keeps them up at night?

Do you know where they hang out, both online and offline?

Do you know who their influencers are, and where they get their news from?

Do you know what types of messaging they prefer and trust?

3. Social Media

Not only is social media free, it offers direct access to millions of prospective clients. Like content marketing, the strength of social media marketing and building a true brand identity, lies in the development of a consistent voice.

There are many different platforms and it’s important to identify which ones are used by your ideal client-base so that you can target specific ones. Agree on appropriate (and often different) messages for each channel with matching and clear call to actions.

Being active on social media is a brilliant way to promote your firm without having to spend money on paid advertising. But, don’t rule out promotions on social media channels, as it can often be cheaper and more targeted than google adwords. Simple automation tools like buffer.com and paper.li are really useful for managing multiple social media channels effectively.

4. Events/Networking/Speaking

Branding isn’t all about online — we are in the people business and it is all about relationships. There is no substitute for direct personal connections, and you never who you might meet by networking at an event. Webinars are a very effective use of time and resources — zoom is a great tool to host panels and can also be a brilliant way of recording professional looking videos for you to share.

Your brand is your one true differentiator. By understanding who you are, who your ideal clients are and sharing the components of your brand consistently across online and offline channels, will ensure you rise above the pap.


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