Recruiting the Best Talent

It is not very often that companies use a group interview process to find their ideal candidate, however, if you are a looking to recruit an engaging and dynamic individual it could be a very time efficient way to find the right candidate for you.

Holding a group interview will allow you to see how each candidate interacts in a group; whether they are a leader, a listener, a wall flower or simply someone who gets the job done.

If the role you are recruiting for involves contact with your clients or even just other employees it can be important to see how they react in a group setting.

By also holding quick fire one to one’s for 5–10 minutes with each candidate, giving them only a short amount of time to really sell themselves. It will show you how they deal with high pressure situations and the recruiter will often know within a few minutes if a candidate is right or wrong for their business.

Small businesses are often restrained by time when it comes to recruiting and spending an hour with a handful of candidates can often take you away from other important tasks.

By setting a group interview for only a couple of hours, you can see a far larger number of applicants, in one place, at one time, whilst accomplishing everything a regular one on one interview would and more.

Next time you are time strapped and are looking to recruit, you should give it a go!