Evidence Over Faith

The universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old, the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and the only creative force in the universe that is remotely plausible is the figure of a “Prime Mover,” also known as the uncaused cause. Assuming it exists, this creative entity or being must have initiated the singularity, also know as The Big Bang, and that is its best case. It cannot be definitively proven whether or not this being exists, it is fundamentally unknowable, and our minds lack the capacity on a foundational basis. Among other scientific advances, those in astrophysics (specifically our expanding knowledge of how the universe can indeed arise spontaneously without intervention) and quantum mechanics are dissolving all cases for a prime mover.

Science has explained, and continues to do so, the movements of the universe and its probable infinite number of galaxies, in fact, the theory of an infinite number of universes (the multiverse) is well motivated. We discover more about the cosmos all the time, while simultaneously discovering oddities that may never be fully understood, such as dark matter and dark energy, who’s actions and presence are measurable, but have yet to be designated. Dark energy is a force in the universe that maintains the expansion, occupying roughly 68% of the universe. Dark matter makes up about 27% of the universe, and the remaining 5% is observable matter-planets, moons, stars, and so on. Some deists and theists assert that god is found in the gaps of scientific discovery, things we don’t yet know must be god made, this is known as the “god of the gaps” hypothesis, and is self-evidently ridiculous.

We now know that creation myths in ancient holy books were the best people of that time period could do to attempt explaining human existence, our increased understanding has dispensed with those myths. For instance, we know that germs cause disease, it’s not punishment from god, we know that volcanoes and earthquakes are the activity of the planet’s cooling crust, and not god showing anger-we know that a person convulsing on the ground and foaming at the mouth is not possessed with evil spirits, but that they are having a seizure caused by neural dysfunction in the brain. Science is correcting the irrational reasonings of primitive humans using primitive minds.

Ancient myths remain to present day, naively relied upon to describe reality and the origins of everything we know. The most obvious question is, why do people believe in a god, or savior, or creator? One of many explanations is that people fear death. Human beings are generally afraid of dying, insatiably curious about what happens when we’re dead, and want to believe that something lies beyond, which explicitly demonstrates our innate cognitive tendency towards striving to understand the unknowable.

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