Justifying Coffee Addiction

It is perfectly alright to be addicted to coffee. It can be argued that it’s not healthy to be addicted to anything, but coffee is harmless. It generally brightens your day, it’s what gets you going, and puts you in a position where you’re ready to face the day. You don’t have to go to the hospital for drinking too much coffee, but it will keep you from going to sleep. It’s absolutely fine, no harm done here.

Iced coffee is a wonderful invention. Typically a hot drink, but it does what the best drinks do, and that is to be good at both temperatures. A number of places sell iced coffee now because of its success, but some should and some shouldn’t. The typical fast food restaurant should not sell iced coffee, it’s disgusting in the first place. Diners should not sell iced coffee. We look to good diners as a place to get hot coffee, and they should stick to what they do best. Coffee houses, obviously, are the best places to get your iced coffee fix, both independent and chain houses. Some are still not very good, but they’re the most likely place to satisfy your iced coffee desires.

Coffee addiction is nothing more than loving nature. It is an organic way to pick yourself up. And don’t worry if you’re a “coffee snob” because all that means is that you like the best version of your favorite drink, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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