The benefits of working with a recruiter

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes recruiters get a bad name. I could write another LONG article on that, but I won’t do that to you right now. I will also be the first, as you might have seen on my LinkedIn Pulse posts, to tell you that there are definite benefits to utilizing recruiting services.

THE CANDIDATE SIDE: A relationship with a good recruiter can make your job search a breeze. They, should, do all the leg work at the front end for you. Find you the job, sell your resume to the hiring manager, get you the interview, and prep you for that interview. But what else do they provide? Resume help, help with your social profile, and knowledge about the market and next steps in your career.

THE COMPANY SIDE: Companies who partner with recruiting services are partnering with experts. Our job is to find the best talent out there and we make sure we have the best resources to do so. This is what we do 5, sometimes 6 or 7, days a week. We network, search resume boards, and build relationships with the best talent in town so we can make the hiring process as easy as possible!

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