Your social profile matters

Some employers will evaluate your social profiles even before they interview you. Super annoying right? Well, you better get used to it. Since 2013 the number of employers that check out your social accounts has risen to 52% in May of 2015. So if you really want that job, I would take down that picture of you, with a beer in your hand, with your eyes half open, down.

Just change the name on your profiles to your first and middle name instead of first and last? Nobody will be able to find you! That will work right? WRONG! While is true that not a lot of people will be able to find your content, 35% of employers won’t interview you if they can’t find you on social. They are onto you!

I really hate to say this, but I’m going to anyway. If you can’t help but post pictures that were OK in college but aren’t OK as a professional, there are privacy settings that you can change to mitigate the risk of an employer noticing. These settings will only allow certain people to see your posts, pictures, GIF’s, etc. But come on, is it really that big of a deal to “clean up” your profile?

I hope the information above hits home with some of you. You could be losing out on multiple great jobs if you don’t audit your social accounts. Make this a regular practice and eventually it won’t be that much of a bother.

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