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I was the kid who would pick up a book based on how many pretty pictures it contained.

My eyes and my attention would gravitate toward comics, magazines, and any brightly coloured literature that would attract my eye back in the nineties. Any time there was a well crafted diagram, or even the simplest of clip art explaining anything at all, I would understand that particular thing exponentially better than pure text alone.

How much of that has changed? Not much at all, actually.

Though my comprehension with words has improved naturally since that young age, I still find myself…

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Undertaking any meaningful project requires a great degree of time, dedication, and perhaps most importantly, consistency. When tasked with this in the realm of animation, it becomes a beast of its own.

Over on my instagram, I’ve been creating short looping animations for every chapter of the Quran. Three weeks in, here’s what I’ve learned.

Wax on, wax off

It’s no secret that doing something over and over again will inevitably lead to improving that particular skill. Much like Mr Miyagi in the karate kid, the repetitive motion of setting keyframes and working those bezier curves eventually improves your muscle memory, albeit much faster…

We all have so much to be grateful for, even when it seems as though the world has turned upside down.

Some time back, I was introduced to the idea of a gratitude journal. Open up a small notepad, write down everything you’re grateful for. Seems simple enough, so I gave it a go.

Here’s what I learned.

The timing of life is perfect and often ironic

When I began journalling, our home had just been deprived of hot water. What would’ve otherwise been a small and easy job, ended up taking a week to repair. …

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Last year was, for me, the year of learning and feeding my brain.

Until now, I had only spent most of my life in mindless consumption. One video game after another, one movie after another, all chewed through like lost high school homework. And it when it came to books, I had only read a handful up until then. Quite embarrasing. But then again, I think I needed that shock of a wasted past, in order to actually do something about it.

A newfound, insatiable desire to learn naturally would only be the start of a very deep rabbit hole.

As a careers advisor, I’d often ask young people “Where do you see yourself in five years time?”. As you may guess for secondary school students, the answers would range anywhere from the sensible “I want to be an engineer!” to the downright bizarre “I want to be a bus driver!”.

Not that there’s an issue with wanting to drive a bus of course, but the thought itself was worrying (though thats a discussion for another time).

It’s a question I’d often get asked back, and my response would usually be “I’d like to be doing something with video production”…

The heart. The one small organ inside of us, vital to keep us alive, is perhaps the most resilient, yet most fragile part of what makes us ultimately human. Attaching itself to happiness, moments, people, places, and experiences such a wild amalgamation of feelings that it almost gets left to wonder how we are able to survive, improvise, and indeed proceed through the waters of the world.

As children we don’t really understand it. Yet its that very innate ability peppered with naivety, which allows us to express ourselves in the most raw and organic fashion. And then we grow…

Every journey has a beginning


Everybody starts somewhere, and I will start with ‘hello’.

Every journey has a beginning, and the journey is the reward. On this here blog I hope to share with you my insights, thoughts, reflections (and perhaps rants!), on the topics I care about the most.

What I hope this doesn’t turn into, is a failed detour full of un-inspirational lines that are of use to nobody. I hope I will look back on this post in a few years time and be happy that I started somewhere. And that it was never too late to start again. The journey is the reward, and I hope to share that with you.


I’ll still post the odd meme though. Because its good to be down with the kids.


Animator and Motion Graphics artist. Still finding myself.

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