Learn how pull and push strategies define how relevant information is delivered to the end user

Information Retrieval (IR) is the process of gaining knowledge from a source of data from the environment. …

Data scientists working on M1 laptops — don’t fret. You can install TF 2.5 on your machine easily thanks to a cloneable conda environment.

Cross-post of my blog article that can be found here.

Update: Apple’s Developer Portal published an article on how to install TensorFlow with tensorflow-metal PluggableDevice. This method is now suggested as it doesn’t require any environment cloning / setup. Link here.

I have purchased an M1 MacBook Pro in April 2021 and I believe it is an…

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It may seem counter-intuitive (and it really is), but the more you push for sales, the less you will actually lead the user to the conversion.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not finding your wallet for a whole day just to recall where you last placed it the…

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When we have an idea we want to push forward on the workplace, do not try to convince your superior to approve it.

We are analysts, researchers. Our intent is not to persuade, but to show clarity through data.

Through clarity we allow our peers to see what we see…

Andrea D'Agostino

5+ years of experience as data scientist working in the field of digital marketing

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