I Think in Pictures

EJ Terry
EJ Terry
Jun 2, 2017 · 1 min read

Sorry if a wrong turn brought you here.
I want you to see what I see,
Tell me what you think.

Places I’ve been, people I’ve seen
Events real and imagined, fantastic and mundane
In paints on a canvas, dancers to a beat
Landscapes familiar as handwriting
All times of day and all manners of weather
But what are they?

They are, they are.
Can’t you see too? My words wouldn’t do these pictures, these movies,
these feelings, smells, sounds, sights

So there they remain.
I imagine them as children with noses pressed
against a foggy windowpane, pouting because
They were told “no” to going out today

And I stand dumbly, dry, outside
watching and wondering
why they won’t come to play
When I am the rain.

EJ Terry

Written by

EJ Terry

an insatiable desire for learning, questioning and understanding a little piece of all there is.

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